MBW 713: Quacks McThrashalot

Beep boop - this is a robot. A new show has been posted to TWiT…

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Just started listening; why no Andy Ihnatko? The show is not the same without him.

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Comparing Logic X to Ableton Live is like comparing a Go-Cart to a Rolls Royce #AllHave4Wheels :joy:

Alex was on so someone has to go but after you listen for a while I believe you will be “floored” by breath and depth of Alex’s tech knowledge


Amen to that!! Wish Alex was a permanent fixture. The show is so much better without all the attempts to be funny. And BTW, what camera is Alex using? Leave it to him to have the best video.

They’ve been rotating co-hosts since the show has so many. It’s usually not a problem in normal times, since one of them (usually Alex) is often too busy.