Let down by Apple and the new iPhone SE

Anyone else disappointed by the new iPhone SE announced today? It appears to be a warmed over iPhone 8 with a new processor, but with the design ethos of the iPhone 6/7.

The price is nice, but I was really hoping for the design aesthetic from the original SE or the new iPad Pros to be carried over. Oh well, lets see what the fall time frame brings us.

Stay safe and healthy folks, that is most important!


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As someone who wanted an iPod with cellular, this is perfect for me and I’m thrilled at the specs/price. 4K/60fps is a nice bonus, 64GB standard (only $50 more to double that). I actually prefer a less sharp-edged design for such a small hand-held I’ll be gripping with 1 hand. I’m also really glad it has TrueTone.


I think it is good for what it is - for people who want a cheaper, smaller iPhone. It is basically the guts of an iPhone 11 Pro in there - same CPU and radio. Smaller screen, different camera, and fingerprint sensor.


I agree. I am not a big Apple fan personally, but I agree with ya.

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I might have been tempted by this when I switched from my Galaxy S8 if it was available, but then still go for the flagship because of the display :slight_smile:

Samsung has spoiled me with AMOLED displays and I cannot go back to LCD screen on a phone. I’m even preferring reading ebooks on my iPhone Xs than the larger Galaxy Tab A tablet because of the display.


I definitely feel similarly: my next iPad will be either micro-LED or OLED because I see no reason to plough money into one more non-self-backlit device. Had my iPod 6 not died I’d still hang onto it, but since it did, I’m strongly considering the new SE instead due to the cellular option as peace of mind on a pay-as-you-go plan. It’s possible a Certified Refurbished X will win out over this for me, but I wouldn’t trust 3rd-parties and Apple’s price is still $600 base model which is just too much for me, plus I genuinely want a smaller device, so I might still get one despite the traditional LCD. SE supports 4K60 and dual SIMs, which X does not, as well (yes, there’s the newest XR for the same price as a refurb X but the trade-off’s are near identical.)

I thought iPhone X support eSIM or was Xs the first). The new SE supports eSIM and nano-SIM.

I was just reading the X’s tech specs and it says nothing about dual sim, and only lists nano SIM and explicitly says it’s not compatible with micro-SIM, so it has to have been the XS where dual-SIM started.

You’re right. It started with the Xs

I converted to eSIM as soon as my carrier supported it, although I still have to go in to the store and get a QR code.

My 1 other disappointment is no U1 chip, but it of course does have NFC, something else that iPods do not.

I think if one thinks of the SE as an update to the 8, it’s a nice spec bump. Anyone who would have bought the 8 is now getting a better device For the same price point. I agree about the iPad Pro. I held off upgrading hoping they’d improve the screen quality. On the bright side, it meant no reason to shell out for a new one. Saved some money and went with a refurbished 2018 iPad Pro. :blush:


I really like what has been published so far about the new se.
The design people believe is outdated is a non issue. Design evolution is mostly driven by marketing and not customer needs anyway.
People will have an affordable, performant, secure and supported phone for the next five years and will love it.
The only bit I am worried about is the battery. It looks like it will have the same capacity with iPhone 8 which was not that great.
Coming from iPhone 11 I would love to get the new se if I needed another phone but I would prefer it to have the same capacity with iPhone 11.


Sweet little phone - excellent future proof for 3-5 years and inexpensive

An upgraded base model (would be iPhone 9) with all the hardware updates you would expect minus iPhone 11 features. This is still a good thing even if you don’t see it.

Only disappointed that I wanted a 4" screen regardless of specs but this is like before, so, I’m not openly complaining.


My wife still uses an iPhone 6 and this is the first phone in a long time that actually has her interested in upgrading. (I got an iPhone X when that came out and am sticking with it for probably another year.)


Yep. My wife is the same way. She has a 6s and her only interest in upgrading is to get portrait mode support and better battery (after repeatedly ignoring me when I told her for a year to get the $30 battery replacement). She thought my XR was too big.

I bought my wife an iPhone XS Max to replace her aging iPhone 8+. When I bought my new iPhone 11 Pro Max I offered to replace her XS Max and she violently forbade me to touch her phone!! Apparently she has reached iPhone nirvana with the XS Max!!! :smile: