I'm thinking of switching to iPhone from Android. Thoughts?

I’ve been an on and off iOS user for years, and currently have an S10e that I have no issues with. However with the iOS 14 update bringing many Android features over like widgets on the home screen, picture-in-picture on the phone, ability to change default mail and web browser, and a few others, I’m really thinking I could switch to the iPhone and be happy. However, the Surface Duo, and other foldables, really intrigue me, as I like the idea of having a tablet sized device when I want it. At the same time, I do question if I’ll really get the $1400 use out of it, not to mention if Microsoft will actually support the OS like so many manufacturers stop doing after, if we’re lucky, a few years.

I recognize iOS’s performance, security, and longevity, seeing as the 2015 6S is going to get the iOS 14 update, and that Android is more customizable, with more hardware variety, and less hand-holding, but I’m just looking to hear other people’s thoughts if they switched, or if I have the right idea. Plus, should I fear big brother, I mean Apple’s tactics with the App Store?

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My company phone is due for renewal. We can have any phone with up to a 300€ subsidy… With a new caveat this year, as long as it is an iPhone. That means either an iPhone 7 or an SE…

I’ve already put the update off for 3 months. I might postpone it a bit longer and see how iOS 14 actually pans out. I’m very happy with my current Huawei and the iPhone doesn’t bring anything I need… Apart from security updates, if Apple can be bothered**.

When the updates for the Huawei stop, I’ll have to switch. Although we are only allowed to use it for calls and email using Outlook anyway, so it probably doesn’t make much difference.

** I still remember Apple delaying a critical Java update in OS X for over 18 months, because they didn’t think it was important. That had me bootcamping into Windows to run 1 Java application.

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I personally can’t stand the Ipad/Iphone. I was a HUGE iPad fan for years. But, they just keep screwing with small setting in the OS, and it gets old after a while. I switched to Android totally, a few years ago. I much, much prefer it.

With the changes coming in iOS 14 this looks like a great time to try it out again. You can always switch back to Android in a few months if you don’t like it and sell your iPhone; they retain their resale value very well.

That’s also the big plus for me to consider it. The difference in price on eBay and Swappa between my S10e and XR is hundreds of dollars in between.

This thread just seems like the phone equivalent of race baiting to me. Those that like an OS, like it a lot… news at 11. Pretty much all the major phone brands are at parity these days and unless you really do work for the CIA or NSA no one is targeting any missing security update on your phone… Just buy what makes you happy and throw it away in 2 years like everyone else in consumer-land…

(yes, I’ve had a bad day and probably shouldn’t have even posted at all… sorry…)

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I agree with the first part. But security holes in phones are being exploited openly. There is a simple rule, it is irrelevant who you are, if you are connecting something to the Internet, make sure all known security holes are patched and you will half way secure.