New Basic iPad in 2020?

I know there is lots of talk about new iPad Pro’s for this year. Wondering if anyone has heard if Apple is planning a new basic model? I have a 2018 128GB basic model, and honestly, it does all the things I need it to do. I didn’t upgrade last year, as the screen was only slightly larger, and the internals were identical to what I have.

I don’t need the Pro models. I had an Air 2, which I loved, but to me, the current Air price vs difference than the basic iPad in function doesn’t seem to be worth the extra $$ for my needs.

I’ve not heard a word about a new basic iPad with perhaps a newer chip, just wondering if anyone had.

Peace everyone! Stay healthy!

Nope. It’s all about the Pro’s this year, so far in rumors. mini-LED is supposedly the next big wave of upgrades even coming to the iMac Pro, but might not arrive to low-end models for at least a year or two. I myself have a 10.5" Pro and plan to skip mini-LED to hold out in favor of micro-LED (where every pixel is its own backlight) (or OLED if they ever can whip that technology into shape) unless they ditch my A10X chipset before then (doubtful, considering the new iPod has a basic A10 and the previous one was supported for so long). Yours has a newer chipset so you should be fine if you want to wait. (The other rumor is about a trackpad keyboard, but again, premiering on Pro models.)

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Thanks philodygmn. I can definitely wait. Having gone with the iPhone 11 Pro Max this year, I find myself using my iPad less, with the larger screen on the phone.

I think the big decision will be when I want to upgrade my iMac, which is a 2017 model. I’ve given great thought to moving to an iPad Pro at that time instead of buying another iMac. I’m mostly at home, so I don’t need a laptop.

I just think sitting down to a computer on a desk might be a hard habit to break…

Depending on your needs, iPadOS might have matured enough by then to obviate a desktop, but I know for me it’s nowhere near there yet, I just simply can’t afford an actual Mac (money toward used is better spent for me on iPad, which itself I got referbed). The experience of a physical desktop set-up might be easier to replicate than you think with USB-C, FWIW.

I will note that MacRumour maintains a predictor of device refreshes: