Sound problem from your podcasts

The sound from your guests phoning in for problems sounds garbled and distorted, I listen to your podcasts via Castbox, Leo sounds fine and your guest presenters, it’s just anyone phoning in with problems

Unfortunately you’re probably hearing callers calling in via cell phones. That is actual [crappy] call quality on cell phones these days. They use an over compressed lossy algorithm for mobile to tower, and then probably a different compression happens later in the processing, and these can sometimes interact in very bad ways. Since the show is really about Leo answering their questions, there’s not a lot that can be done about the call quality of callers unless you don’t want real people and their real problems on the show.

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It’s all calls, I’m from the UK and enjoy listening to the show but it’s getting impossible to hear what they are saying, I just can’t believe every call they have is bad mobile phones.

Yeah, I just skipped through the calls on Sunday, January 17, 2021 and I do find there to be some warbling on the entire video, but especially on the callers. There seems to have been some post processing applied that leads to results that could be better, IMHO. @Leo, do you know if something has changed with the new Tricaster, or something?

The Tech Guy is a call in radio show. No way to escape people using the phone to dial in, that’s the only way.

I’ll have someone check. It’s true the phone calls on the tach guy vary widely in quality but if there’s “warbling” on the entire show that’s wrong.

Update: I just listened to both audio and video version - yeah the caller audio is sometimes bad, but the show sounds normal. Our callers often have strong accents which might be impenetrable for people from the UK.


Hi Leo
Thanks for personally replying, I also noticed that a couple of Tiktok videos had the same problem, I have solved the problem, the sounds settings on the phone had Dolby Atmos turned off, i switched it on and the distortion stopped.


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