Lastpass Premium

I know a lot of people here are fans of LastPass (besides the fact that they sponsor the studio). This entire weekend they have had a sale on LastPass Premium for 40% off. So, if anyone was thinking about it, today is the last day of the sale.

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LastPass has come a long way in the past few years. As an enterprise product it sounds quite impressive. But for my situation, Premium didn’t pass the WAF factor. If we shared signons for the same site, it was clumsy to jump the the correct account. For example, if she chose ‘Neals Amazon’ from the pulldown it might put in her email and password instead of mine. We quit it after the year and use separate ‘free’ accounts. As always YMMV.

I went to check out the price on the sale, but as I sat there with the form needing filled out to pay the sale price I started thinking what value would I get for my money. I used to be a LastPass Premium subscriber for many years, when it was $1/mo it felt like a reasonable deal. Now that it’s three times that, I just stick to the free tier, and other than missing 2FA it doesn’t seem any different for me. (Granted I don’t use it on a mobile device, which I think you need Premium to do.)

I used LastPass during my corporate years and became reintroduced through advertising on TWiT. After using for a year, I have learned to deal with most the commonly reported issues. Must admit, LastPass has been more stable and less glitchy on my new M1 MBA running Big Sur. I remain interested in the prospects of trying 1Password.

I’ve been using it for nearly a decade, I think. Premium and then Family for over half a decade.

The only site it had problems with was our bank. I entered the details in my account and shared them with my wife (joint account), but it didn’t transfer all the required fields - branch, account, suffix and password, it only transferred account and password. But apart from that it has worked great, there are many sites, where I have multiple logins and it works flawlessly switching between accounts.

But it seems to have stopped working with Firefox at the moment, on Android.

Is it filling through the mobile app or addons in firefox?

Through the mobile app. The add on doesn’t seem to be available on mobile.

Autofill on Android as a whole is messy and inconsistent. I moved back to Chrome breifly but while it works in some areas, I’m still manually opening the app more often than not.

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The free version now includes the mobile app and has for a few years.

didnt mean to post that in this thread