LastPass Free Tier Getting Wacked

LastPass is putting limits on the free tier, so now might be a good time to look at alternatives.

I have been happy with BitWarden, but I do pay $1 a month because I want to support them, and for a family plan so my wife can access passwords in an emergancy. So I can’t honestly comment on their free version.


Does but BitWarden do autofill in pc browsers and iphone?

It does. Bitwarden isn’t as “fancy” as Lastpass, but all the basic functionality is there including autofill.


Wonder if that is why LastPass was recently bugging me to add my payment information, so like so many other subscriptions, once payment method is locked in and on file, we forget it. Sometimes I seem to miss seeing those annual notification emails. Some end up in my junk folder or they come 2 months ahead of time and I procrastinate about continuing.


I imported my LastPass vault into Bitwarden earlier. Very straightforward, and working well across Android and Firefox. I’ll spend a while trying it out then make a decision. I was looking to try something else anyway as I’m finding the Android autofill hit and miss with LastPass.

Isn’t the family plan the next tier up?

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Parallels is running a Mac app bundle special that includes 1Password Families. 94% off - Get 8 Apps for only $39.99

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Thanks. I think I’ll give it a try.

ugh. JUST started switching over to LP. Guess I’ll give Bitwarden a try. Thanks for the advice!

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LogMeIn bought some of my respect by advertising on TWiT, so to any corporate overlords that might see this, please know that your money was well spent. Endorsement by TWiT is worth far more than any other advertisement. And I re-explored Lastpass and almost considered it switching to it for the “in case I die” feature.

But all the advertising in the world can’t make up for the simple fact that this is LogMeIn’s business model ad nauseam… they can’t make the value proposition match their price, so instead of adding value, they destroy free tiers, and in the process, they’ve destroyed some great services too.

Hamachi was free and great and everyone used and loved it. LogMeIn bought them and instead of building upon it, they took aware feature after feature from the free tier to the point of useless, destroyed the user base, and where is it now?

Same with their own remote desktop software - they constantly reduced what is available at the free tier rather than lowering price or adding value on the paid tier. I remember back when LogMeIn had a free tier for a few computers. Then it was gone. I remember when I paid a one time fee for Ignition, until it was shut down. And so on and so on.

LastPass has followed the same pattern. Prices are going up without offering any new features, thinking they have “lock in,” while free tiers are going down. Anyone willing to hang around should expect that prices will go up again sooner than expected, as this is LogMeIn’s pattern.

I thank LogMeIn for sponsoring TWiT. It does help. But the self-inflicted damage they’ve done to their brand across numerous products over many years - is significant.

I use 1Password. I pay for and would like to switch to BitWarden, but the BitWarden developers are kinda MIA and for the last year disingenuously blamed one of Firefox’s security improvements as a “can’t fix” bug that was actually a “won’t fix” - a won’t fix because LastPass and 1Password both made it work.

I’m thankful for competition in this space among companies I trust. Firefox’s Lockwise. Apple’s Keychain. YubiKey’s TOTP software in addition to its own key.


Just FYI, LogMeIn is no longer the parent company. They sold (in part or in full) to an investment group. I presume that is what has forced them to be ever more greedy… those bankers generally pile debt on the company, squeeze them like a sponge to extract every penny before leaving a dead husk.

Reference: LogMeIn agrees to be acquired by Francisco Partners and Evergreen for $4.3B – TechCrunch

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I’ve been a LastPass Pro user for well over half a decade. But the quality of their app seems to be getting steadily worse.

The Android version stopped working completely with Firefox in the Autumn. I had to switch to Brave instead.

I started listening to the 1Password (Random but Memorable), which is a fun podcast and they sound like a great team. I’ve been considering a jump for a while now. Being a paying customer, this latest change doesn’t directly affect me, but it still leaves a sour taste in my mouth.


What’s the Bitwarden Firefox bug? I’m trying it at the moment and not had a problem (yet), but if there’s an issue might also try 1Password.

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I bought the 1 time license for 1Password when it first came out. I was bummed when they went to a subscription model, but I had a 5 year run with that 1 time fee… They did retain the plan I had been on, but kept pushing me to do the subscription model.

I started relying on Apple’s keychain, which works well. In November, 1Password enticed me with a year-long free family subscription plan, if I gave up my license. I bit, & I now remember why I liked 1Password so much. It works extremely well.

My guess is that Apple will continue to improve keychain, as it locks you into the Apple world. I guess I’ll have to make a decision this November to just use keychain, or pay $60 a year to 1Password.

I have this feeling that Apple will really improve keychain, then make it part of the Apple1 bundle subscription offerings. This seems to be Apple’s intention, locking people into subscriptions, at a bit of a bargain price.

Bottom line, one way or another, free tiers are disappearing. Or they are so bare bones, they not worth using.


For something like this, which is about privacy and security, it is only really sustainable through direct payments, whether it is a one-time payment for a local service or a subscription for a hosted service.


I haven’t been very happy with Logmein management, and this will get me to change. Paid user up to last year. I think that Leo or Steve mentioned some other service in this week’s show?
Otherwize will check out bitwarden, thanks.

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I just wish they had an in between paid option. I have LastPass on my phone, as well as my computer. I wouldn’t mind paying a lower fee for the use of one of each device only. I guess I’m also going to be checking into Bitwarden.

I wonder how they are going to implement the ‘one device category’ restriction on the free tier? If you’re logged in on your mobile device you’ll be unable to logon to your vault on your PC? Will you be forced to nominate?

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When they switch in March, the first device you log on with / activate on that date or thereafter dictates which platform you will be using. i.e. if you open it on a PC, your phone app will no longer work or vice-versa.

They have said that users may switch between PC or mobile up to 3 times, the third switch is then permanent.


Thanks for informing me. I was out of the loop. Sorry for spreading out of date info.

My feelings toward LogMeIn’s M.O. remain the same, and now I’m a bit more concerned about LastPass than I was a minute ago.


BitWarden blamed an inability to work in Private Windows on a Firefox code change and said it was a “can’t fix.” But both LastPass and 1Password made it work just fine and was ready when the code change happened. BitWarden’s developers were lying on GitHub. (I don’t use that word lightly.) Now they are changing their story, reopened the tickets, and instead are blaming Chrome for reasons I can’t remember.

BitWarden and a full featured, decent UI, open source password manager is a great concept. I still pay $1/month for the paid tier, as support, because I don’t use it. I had planned to migrate from 1Password, but the lying developer response on GitHub was a huge turn off.

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