LastPass or 1Password

I am currently a 1Password user and I see a lot of references to LastPass here. Other than pricing, any reasons why you prefer one over the other?

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I prefer 1Password just because it’s the one I know. I don’t think either is better - I think it’s just about preference.


I just always like 1password app better and the way needed to login with secret key and of course since they are Canadian


1Password here. IMO the family plan is reasonably priced.

I have been a fan of 1 password for over 5 years. But I would agree that both are similar in the protection that they provide. But KUDO’S to all who use a password manager.

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I’ve been a long time user of RoboForm.

I like pain so I’ve chosen . before i really knew about lastpass. It’s open source.

It has been audited :

It’s not really painful, just that you have to host the file yourself (like dropbox or other mean ) to synchronize across devices. But client exist for mac, pc, linux, android and ios.

Been using it for close to 10 years, no glitch. But if you want a safe solution and that is free that could be a thing to look at.


I use EnPass, flat price, no monthly fee, store your hash of passwords anywhere you want.

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I have used LastPass for several years because of @Leo’s recommendation. It worked ok for awhile then the browser that lastpass uses had a compatibility problem with one of my bank webpage because it said my browser was out of date. I started relying on apples password manager and almost exclusively use that now. It might not be the most secure if I lose my phone, but it’s definitely convenient.

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1password here… It was a free demo for a year and I enjoy it better than the free ones.

Lastpass is great and I used it for a very long time however I recently switched to Bitwarden. ( It’s free, opensource, and you can self-host the software very easily if you choose to do so.

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I also use Roboform and have done for over 12 years (since before lastpass existed).
I do also have lastpass as a backup - is that too paranoid? :grin:

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I use LastPass, but I have heard mainly good things about 1Password. I would say, as long as you are happy with your current product, don’t change, unless there is some must-have feature that the other has.

For me the deciding factor (at the time) was Yubikey support in LastPass. I use a Neo and can use the NFC chip to unlock LastPass on my 'phone and stick it in a USB port on my PC for the same thing.

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I use LastPass. Why?

  1. Steve Gibson says it’s okay to use
  2. Leo says it’s okay to use
  3. They are a TWiT sponsor. I think it’s important to support TWiT by patronizing the sponsors.
  4. It works great. I have not tried 1Password so I don’t how it compares. Prior to using LastPass I used a secure OneNote.
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Neo? Microsoft Neo? The not-going-to-be-out-until-holiday-2020 Neo?

I use a Yubikey Neo, a one time key generator with NFC capability.

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I’ve been using lastpass for several years now and very happy it. Not inclined to give up my current happiness. :wink:

I could probably be happy with 1password but haven’t used it before so that’s theoretical at best.

I just switched from using Chrome for my passwords to Bitwarden. I like that Bitwarden is opensource, you can host it yourself or use their hosting for free or $12 a year for the family plan. Now my wife has access to my passwords if needed.
I got the extension installed in Firefox and my phone, so I am not stuck using Chrome and have switched to Firefox and Brave.


I used Keepass and 1Password years ago, but switched to Lastpass after Steve Gibson explained it on Security Now (that was also many years ago actually :wink:). I’ve used both the Free and Premium service.

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Reasons why I don’t use Lastpass:

  • Hamachi
  • Xmarks
  • LogMeIn Ignition

Nevermind that they were hacked, it’s the trust that LogMeIn has repeatedly broken that keeps me from them. Yes, I know they’re a TWiT sponsor, and that does help them in my book, but they killed off all of the above useful free services that I used and either discontinued them or trashed them. (To note: Ignition wasn’t even free; it was a one-time paid app, but they killed it in favor of much more expensive monthly/per device prices.) So for me, it’s none of the above. Open Source Bitwarden is my password manager of choice.

EDIT: So if LogMeIn wants a chance, in my mind, they need to do two things to earn back some good-will in the technology community.

  • Keep being a TWiT Sponsor.
  • Develop and re-develop free services (like Hamachi and Xmarks) to repay users for having taken so many away.
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