AAA 512: Much Ado About Essentially Nothing

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Re: LastPass Premium

I used to be a premium member for years, it used to be required for the mobile app, but they were the one who decided to make that free. Since then, I eventually canceled premium since not a single one of the features added any value for me. Now, after I convinced everyone to switch over due to it being free, they now reverse course again, which is the part that feels scammy.

The biggest issue for me though is that they have not been very good at support so far. Reports go unanaswered for months, day-to-day impacting bugs take weeks or longer to fix, there’s almost zero answers to any feature request, and so on. It just feels hard to pay for something when it feels like very little work goes into improving it. Maybe now that they are charging again, they’ll start spending more money in growing their team and handling issue faster, but so far I actually haven’t been very happy with LastPass even though I’ve used it for a long time.

I actually have semi-tried migrating to 1Pass in the past few months and so far the experience has been far smoother, but maybe that’s just the grass being greener.