LastPass crashes in Safari on macOS Catalina

Ever since upgrading to Catalina on my iMac and migrating to it on a new 16" MacBook Pro from my old 17" MacBook Pro I’ve been having repeated crashes of LastPass in Safari. It doesn’t happen in Firefox, Chrome, or Brave browsers, so it seems to be specific to Safari, and it also doesn’t seem to happen in a test account, so it also appears to be related to something that got migrated from my previous systems. I had a case open with LastPass (well, LogMeIn), but their only recommendation was to uninstall and reinstall, which I’ve done many times, and then they closed my ticket without responding. I’ve scoured my ~/Library/… folders and removed all old remnants of anything that seemed related to LastPass and that did not fix it, so I’m assuming this is a Safari issue. Clearing the Safari caches and trimming down my bookmarks to clean those up also did not help. I have not (yet) done a full reset of Safari, but I think that’ll be my next step.

Has anyone else encountered similar issues, and if so do you have any recommendations for a fix? I’m pretty comfortable with *nix and tech in general so Terminal commands are welcome.


LastPass on Windows comes in two “flavours.” There is the version that JUST runs in the browser with no other [native] code install into the OS. Then there is the native piece that interacts with the browser plug-in. If the MacOS is the same thing, try removing the installed code and just using the browser. (Some functionality may fail, I don’t know which features require the installation of the native code as I don’t use it.) You may need to remove the browser add-on at the same time, to clear it all out. You want to see the browser with no signs of LastPass. Once you have that, try just installing the add-on (from your browser’s add-on directory), without downloading anything direct from LastPass. If that works, then try installing the code from LastPass and see if it works.

Thanks for the speedy response! Turns out in a recent update to Safari Apple made some sort of significant change to how browser extensions are supported (which broke Ublock Origin, by the way), so now the only LastPass option is to use the standalone application that also somehow interacts with Safari, and there is no separate LastPass browser extension. I suspect this is why the recommendation from LogMeIn support was to reinstall the LastPass app, since that’s all there is now on Catalina. I think what I’ll try next is backing up my bookmarks and doing a full reset of Safari, since that’ll be closer to the experience of a new user account. I’ll report back here with my results whenever I get a chance to do that.