LastPass Issues & Recommendations

I’ve been a paying user for LastPass for years mainly because of TWiT’s recommendation of it. It’s been great but recent changes to the user interface is driving me nuts:

  1. Favorites seem to have no function and everything is sorted alphabetically. When you have 20 email accounts it displays accounts you almost never use. The only thing you can do is add a special char to the beginning “!” of the name in order to make them appear at the top. Seems ridiculous as they should be putting favorites at the top or sorting by recently used.

  2. Hovering over the account username/e-mail address hides it and shows the word “FILL”. As if I didn’t know LastPass filled in stuff. It’s annoying you have to move the mouse off of the cell to see if it’s the right account before clicking it.

I posted about these issues over a year ago on their official forums and many customers agreed with me. However, no changes have been made. I guess it’s time to look for another solution.

What are your recommendations?

I’m a little confused by #1. I have the Premium account and they are sorted by “Most Recent” for me. I am assuming you know that the sort is a clickable drop-down menu and offers other options. Admittedly, I am using the Chrome extension in a browser… maybe you mean in the mobile app?

Hi, thanks for the reply. There is a sort option in the Vault but I’m referring to the HTML form for username/password. If you click the last pass button located on the right side of the HTML field it always displays the sorting alphabetically.