Last Pass Family

Thinking about getting Last Pass Family for my parents. Well actually, I was thinking about just signing up for the Family plan and having them as apart of my account. Even though they don’t live in my house, would that work? Would I have access to their passwords? (of course I don’t want that) Can they share passwords with each other and not me? Right now my wife and I use Apple Keychain, which works fine but I know it could be better. That’s why I’m asking about the technical logistics of a family account extending past my address. I know it’s advertised on TWiT often, so I imagine there are some users here. Thanks.

Edit: I also started looking at Bitwarden, if anyone has an opinion on that.


Lastpass Families will do exactly what you want. You can manage shared folders and who has Administrative, Read-Only, or No Access. I just did a test folder where my wife and I were administrator. Then I was able to change my access to “No Access”. In a short time the shared folder no longer showed up for me and I couldn’t change it. So, you could create shared folders for your parents, then go back and take away your own access, or they could create the folders between themselves and just leave you out.

I put all my online accounts in a folder I give my wife read-only access to. That way if I’m not around she could hopefully get in. There also is another process where if I am gone, she could request full access.

I really like Lastpass Family. Just be sure you enforce 2 factor authentication of some type. I use a master password that is fairly easy to remember (not a dictionary word), but then require a physical Yubikey as the second factor. My wife has hers attached to her computer, and I have mine on my keychain. Both are enabled for the account.


I am unable to add or open secure note attachments in LastPass on macOS Catalina. I submitted a support case back on November 30 and the only reply was: Thank you for contacting LastPass Support! We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Lets remove the extension and what version of firefox are you running?

Hoping someone else running macOS Catalina could report their experience?

When I try to add an attachment, I get the following:

24 PM