Howdy everyone!

I created a profile when the forum was still being tested - but, I never got the confirmation email. Managed to recreate a profile today.

Glad ya’ll have the place up. I run a couple of forums, and they can be a very fun place to hang out at!

I did call Leo a few months ago and thanked him - he got me hooked on the Chrome OS. Within 5 months I bought a Chromebox and two Chromebooks. Now, I am all in, and rarely even turn on my Windows laptop.

Anyway, glad to be here, and hello everybody!


Hello from Colorado!!!

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Thanks, I apprciate it :slight_smile: !!!

Hello from Redondo Beach and The Laptop Elf Project, home of creaky old laptops getting a new lease on life via Linux


seems weird to say hello when I am so used to reading your cool comments. :grin:
But hello good sir…