My Introduction from NJ, via Bensonhurst

Hello All,
I’ve been watching Leo since the old Screen Savers days. Left for a while when it went off TV, then re-discovered it on the web a few years back. I don’t get a chance to listen/watch live much so I usually end up binge watching in 1-2 month bites. Obviously I can’t contribute to the live conversations. I usually make myself a list to call about, but alas, no time to call, hahaha.
Started back in the DOS 3.1 days. First computer had 20 MB hard drive, an aftermarket MS Mouse (with the card I installed) EGA video and I don’t remember how much RAM. My toaster I think has more than I had back then. And all that for about $2000. Did some consulting and Basic programming back in the 80s. Trouble shooting and Novell stuff in the early 90s, and then dropped out professionally, staying with personal tech, DVRs, Remote wireless stuff (X-10) and now some IOT and remote access (modules & cameras).
I know enough to get by, since I haven’t kept up on tech as I would have if I was trying to make money on it again.
As you see, I just found out about this forum, and I see the first posts from 4 months ago. Binge watching again now.
I hope there are some interesting subjects here to look through.


Welcome aboard from Texas!

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Welcome glad to have you here. Enjoy your stay :slight_smile:

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