Is Siri dumb, or is it me?

I asked Siri to play ABBA. At first, it said it couldn’t find it in Pocket Casts.

Now, if I tell it to play a band, it tells me there is no installed app to do that.

I have to explicitly say, “hey, Siri, with Apple Music, play AC/DC.”

It also doesn’t seem to be very accurate. I asked it to play Hoot’s Mon and it started playing some rap music…

Do you always need to prefix a request with the explicit app?

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Not playing Abba is a feature not a bug :joy:
I just tried “Hey Siri, play Abba” and it worked fine, as did “Hey Siri, play AC/DC”; both started playing in Apple Music. I also tried Hoot’s Mon but it gave me something by the artist Hittman. I’m not sure I can blame Siri for messing up that one. I generally find Siri to be decent for music requests, but perhaps my musical tastes are over-indexed relative to UK chart-toppers from the 50’s. At home we switched from an Amazon Echo to a HomePod Mini, and in that scenario Siri has so far done a better job getting the requested song.

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With Google Home, for trying artist names, I usually say something like: Okay Google play the song “foo” by the artist “foo bar” [on device] . It feels very robotic, but usually works. Since I only have one paid music service it usually parrots back what I said adding in “with Deezer”.

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Oh I should have mentioned before, I once asked Google Home to play the Star Wars Imperial March and instead of getting what I expected got introduced to something wholly new to me:

You can decide for yourself if this was a happy accident or a misfortune :wink:


i asked Siri to Play ABBA…she played ABBA, i asked Siri to play the ALBUM ABBA Gold, she played that album, I asked Siri to play ABBA essentials, and she did (apple music often has a playlist called essentials, ABBA essentials, Neil Diamond essentials, Mozart essentials and so on…) all worked

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