Is it a video card glitch or a problem with Windows 10?

I’m getting a consistent glitch on Windows start menu, settings, and Microsoft To Do app. Most other apps are fine, so it might be a Windows thing? My video card is a slightly over-the-hill Nvidia Quadro FX 5600. I’ve reinstalled the drivers to try to fix, but no change.

I had the same problem. Turns out changing the refresh rate fixed it.


Thanks. I’ve got two monitors, one digital and one analog. I’m going to try changing from 60 to 75 hz on both.

No, the refresh change didn’t help.

Check for newer video card drivers? I used to experience something like this on virtual machines, but it eventually stopped with later versions of Windows. I never did figure out if it was a Windows issue, a driver issue or something fixed in a newer release of Windows. If there are no newer drivers, try going into safe mode, removing the drivers, and seeing if Windows will pick something different.

Thanks for your help!

I rebooted in safe mode (option 4), went to device manager and uninstalled the Nvidia driver. Then went to add&remove programs to uninstall everything Nvidia.

Rebooted into safe mode with networking (option 5) and let windows find the Nvidia drivers itself.

So far so good!

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