Windows 10 Advanced Startup

I was watching Windows Weekly this week and the topic of accessibility came up. It reminded me of one big issue I have with Windows that I’ve not been able to find a solution to. So, I thought I’d pose the question here and maybe someone out there has an idea.

Windows 10 has a nice suite of accessibility options which I make use of and work great for me. The problem is, what do I do if I have to troubleshoot startup problems?

Rebooting into Advanced Startup Options sends you to this:

I use High-Contrast black on a daily basis. But none of that applies on Advanced Startup. How am I supposed to fix my own PC if I can’t navigate the tools to do so?

Unless I am missing something, there is no way to make this readable to me.

If one of you knows a way, or can point out something I’m doing wrong, let me know.


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That is a good question, there seems to be no information at all about this particular issue. I will try some different things when I have a chance later this evening. Very interesting find and sorry that you are having issues with this.


Thanks for taking an interest. This has been an issue since Windows 8. That’s when they started using this new startup menu. My solution thus far in the event that I’ve had o troubleshoot my PC, which I had to do after a Windows 10 update made it non-functional, was to point a magnifying glass at the screen and squint real hard. Not exactly ideal.

It’s kind of weird that a company that does such a good job with Accessibility in a lot of areas, completely missed it here. I know 've seen various Linux Distros that give you accessibility pre-setup, so it’s not like it’s an impossible thing to do.

Right, and I would certainly go to Microsofts forums and mention it there as well, maybe there is something that got over looked by us in which case someone could educate us on how to make it work or by them and since they usually pride theirselves on making Windows available for everyone I would think they would look into a fix for the issue.