Recent Windows 10 Oddities

I’ve been losing my tiles in the Windows 10 start menu recently. Has happened two or three times in the last couple of weeks. It keeps resetting back to just a group of six tiles consisting of the Office app, a folder containing all the Office Apps, Mail, Edge (the old icon), Photos and Microsoft Store. It has been annoying as I had all my frequently used apps arranged in groups.

Anyone else have this happen?


I delete all but 1 or 2 tiles from the Start menu tile section. So, I cannot say I have noticed anything

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I’m afraid Microsoft puts their least trained monkeys on the code for the Start Menu. It has always had weird oddities going back in time. I think somehow there is still a bug in icon management that has been there since Windows 3.1 that causes Windows to get confused.


These niggling problems in Windows are a pain. I’ve never had major issues with Windows. Thinking of wiping and installing Linux as my main OS with Windows in a VM - I currently have Linux Mint on a secondary spinning hard drive with Windows on a 2.5" SATA SSD. Time for a SSD upgrade for the empty M.2 slot I have on the motherboard and refresh my system I think.


Mine get trashed pretty consistently with updates, but I assumed that was because I’m on insider builds. Pretty crummy if it’s happening to non-insider users as well.

No, I’m not on insider build. I’ve noticed that Google Backup and Sync has been freezing on shutdown too. Maybe that is corrupting the start menu (it’s a set of files in my profile after all), though I don’t have it set to backup my profile. If my Start menu has been messed up again, I’ll try disabling Backup and Sync - not much use nowadays anyway as Google Drive does not link up to Google Photos, and I have everything synced to OneDrive.

At work Linux is my main OS and Windows is in a VM for occasional administration tasks that need it. At home MAC OS is my main with Windows in a VM if I am working at home. I am really happy with that arrangement. Plus, if Windows gets whacked out, or I need to test something, I can easily go back to a snapshot or backup on the VM.

Have you tried running system file checker as admin?

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Thanks I’ll give that a try

i hear you man. I only use windows for gaming and photoshop I wish we could get the creative cloud on Linux. Oh well, Maybe some day. I have a funny feeling all of our problems with windows 10 lately are update related. My windows 7 tower runs soooo good . Of coarse I air gaped it a while back before the “cant shut down update”

I’ve got 4 machines running Win 10. I’m not experiencing this issue at all.
The programs/apps I use frequently (10) are pinned to the task bar. All others (11) in Start tiles.

Looks like it was Google Backup and Sync. I disabled that and I haven’t had a repeat of the issue for a few days now. Maybe it was clashing with OneDrive somehow.

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