Is Andy still publishing anywhere?

I’m a longtime fan of Andy’s writing, and frequently hear him reference writing or editing a piece, but aside from a few posts on his blog I haven’t seen anything in five or six years. The last iPhone review I can recall was maybe the iPhone 5; then there was that TechHive series he wrote about moving to Android in 2013. Then his Sun Times stuff disappeared during a site redesign and he never really came back. He put his blog on hold a few years while he tinkered with the design. Meanwhile he created a brand new podcast from the ashes of his “Ihnatko Almanac” with an awesome new logo, released the first episode, went into a post-2016-election-night funk while editing the second episode and never made another one. So now he does Macbreak, Material (his Android podcast with Florence Ion), and a semi-weekly spot on Boston public radio; and maybe writing for himself? The blog finally came back in 2019 but hasn’t been updated in months. I hope he breaks through whatever is going on and finds a regular column again; he has such a great perspective and is really well suited for writing.


What Andy are you talking about, Andy Walker?

Andy Ihnatko; sorry, thought that was clear from context.

All of Andy’s stuff is on His professional stuff is mostly all on WGBH in Bostonn owadays, but that is all audio. He is still very active on Twitter and Instagram.


Well I’m going to be a dissenting voice it might appear. I have never read anything by Andy before just a minute ago, when I tried to read the current entry on his blog (as linked above.) I tried hard, I got to maybe the third paragraph and abandoned the effort. If that is an example of his best, then I absolutely can’t stand his style of writing. It seems needlessly circuitous and made me want a TL;DR. To each their own, I guess. I don’t mind his circuitous talking on MacBreak, although I do find he interrupts himself sometimes, but I don’t want to read words written like he talks.

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I think maybe his blog isn’t representative of his professional work. I’ve never (knowingly) read any of Andy’s articles either. Maybe something like this (very recent) article on FastCompany is more representative.

Yes, that was much better reading. It shows the signs of good editing… maybe that’s what’s missing from that blog entry.

I would say his blog is more a stream of consciousness…

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Yep. I follow him on social media and have listened to him on WGBH. I just wondered what was going on with his references to his writing efforts. He’s mentioned specific phone and OS reviews he was in the process of editing, but I didn’t hear any mention of where they ended up. Given how long it took to retool the blog I can now imagine he might be the type of writer that ends up not actually publishing because he didn’t feel like he’s gotten it just so.

Based on Andy’s Twitter, I think he’s been busy finishing up a book he’s writing.


I agree. I would love to read more of Andy’s work. Even when he was at the Sun Times. I couldn’t locate most of his articles.

I’ve been reading Andy’s articles since they were in MacUser (or MacWorld I cannot remember) Was the first thing I turned to each month. And hearing him on MBW I love his references and sense of humor.


Yeah, he has such a great perspective, style and tone. It is really a shame that he’s not doing more writing and stopped his solo podcast. Sadly The Ihnatko Almanac episodes don’t even seem available for streaming anymore.

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