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I would like to see Andy edit his comments. Tends to ramble on too long and I find myself moving forward. Just saying.

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For myself, I don’t typically mind when Andy waxes verbose in his commentary. Far more often than not - I find valuable points in his metaphors and stories that resonate with me.

There are a few times when, yeah, I can wish he’d make a given point a little more succinctly - but that’s more on me than him. It’s his style of speaking and if I don’t like his style - then I feel the burden is on me to either adapt, deal with it, or move on.

But that’s me - others may (and do in the case of the OP) feel differently.


Andy is a wordsmith and a rather wonderful one. That is just his style and mode of expression. I love Andy’s word play and descriptive analysis. TO each their own but for me I am with Andy and his unique perspective and way with words. I find him to be refreshing. He makes me think and examine what is transpiring around me. Love ya Andy keep up being you!


I see there is lots of love for Andy here and I agree. He always has a unique take on the topic at hand. it’s just my problem to adapt. I never used to feel that way but I’m 76 now and maybe getting to be a curmudgeon. LOL


much love and appreciation to the curmudgeons of the world. We need you guys to give the rest of us perspective. :slight_smile: