IPhone XS not finding my HP Envy photo 7800 printer

Have latest os updates. My iPad Pro has no trouble air printing. My iPhone XS also does not show my music libraries from my Mac Mini or my Mac Air. I noticed the library problem after updating to iOS 13. Is this a known problem or am I just lucky? Thanks.

Your music libraries - do you have all your music saved somewhere locally or are they cloud based? What app are you using to listen to music?

The libraries are iTunes Libraries. I just use the Apple Music App. My music libraries can all be played on everything but my iPhone.

They are local libraries

Just to double check, on the iPhone ensure that Sync Library is turned on (Settings/Music). If it is enabled, perhaps toggling that option might do the trick?

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Home sharing is turned on. I have turned it off and on, logged in and out of iCloud several times. I just think there must be something wrong with my phone. The library problem has been going on for several months. Now it says “ no AirPrint printer found “ when I want to print something from my phone. May have no easy solution. It use to work. Driving me crazy.

Thank you for your efforts to help me.

Do you have more than one WiFi access point? I have two, and my iPad can only see my HP Officejet printer if they are both connected to the same access point. It seems to be an AirPrint issue, as Windows and Linux systems don’t have the issue for me.

I have wondered if the problem actually lies with HP printers being very slow to communicate across the network, because I have seen a similar issue with printing from my Android phone unless connected to the same access point; however if I leave the print options page open long enough it will sometimes change from “printer not found” to displaying the print options, suggesting it’s very very slow in a network with more than one access point. Perhaps AirPrint has a timeout after which it stops looking for the printer, and the Android driver doesn’t, which is why it eventually finds it.

Apologies if this turns out not to help with your problem.

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I will look into what you’ve said. I have an eero router. No connection problems with any other item except my phone. Thank you for your advice. If I ever figure it out, I will report back.

It occurred to me that every device needs a piece of software called a driver to be able to access a printer, and my problem with not seeing my printer from the iPad might be related to whatever print driver is on there by default. Printer manufacturers often supply improved drivers as part of a software package. I checked the App Store for HP software, and installed an app called “HP Smart” (also available for iPhone). The app was able to see my printer immediately.

I am now able to access the printer from my iPad when connected to a different access point, although it’s still very slow to appear, taking several minutes before the print option stopped being greyed out. However this is better than before when it just stayed on “No AirPrint Printers found”. I’ve only been able to try it with Mail and Photos so far, but you might like to see if it makes any improvement to your problem.

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I downloaded the HP Smart app and it works! Thanks for that!

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And, I just checked my WiFi connections. My phone was logged on to my guest network! I turned off auto login to my guest network. Now my home sharing is working and I can access my other music libraries! Yay! Thank you @Clayton!

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@Leo, not sure if there might not be something in this issue and resolution to use as fuel for an episode of Ask the Tech Guy, assuming @rojo118 is okay with that?