Why Doesn’t Apple Improve Their Photo App?

Let me get this out of the way. I’m no photography expert. I don’t use Lightroom or any photo software. I use Apple’s & Google’s basic tools. They’re fine for my use.

I’m solidly in the Apple universe. So, I’d love for Apple photos to be my go-to photo app. But on iOS they provide no information regarding each photo. On the Mac, yes, but not on iOS. On the other hand, Google Photos has a place for a description, location, & the tech info for the photo.

Apple seems to be pushing the casual users into mobile use, iOS & iPad OS. My wife uses an iPad & iPhone only. But she is handicapped by the app not letting her see any info on individual pics. She just discovered Google does provide that, & is probably going to use it instead. But she is handicapped by Apple photos being the default app when she goes to attach a photo to mail, social media, or iMessage.

The iPhone has a great camera, but they basically force me to buy more storage for all my photos, yet then give me an app on iOS that is not very helpful.

What does everyone else think? Am I looking for too much from them? Any ideas why they don’t provide this descriptive info on their app?

Thanks for your thoughts! :camera_flash:

It might help if you could clarify what your wife is using the EXIF data for.

It’s not so much the EXIF data, it’s more just a simple place to write some info about the photo. She goes someplace, takes a dozen photos of whatever, and there is no place associated with the photo where she can identify what it is.

With Google photos you get all the info with the photo and a place to add a description of what the photo is.

I understand she could do this on a computer, but that defeats the idea of relying on iOS. Or am I missing a way you can add that info on a photo in the Apple mobile app?

One idea would be to create a new photo album in iOS photos app, name it whatever you want to name it ‘Statue of Liberty trip 2020’ then select the photos for that album.

This would not be useful for notes on individual photos though, and you have a very limited amount you could notate

No doubt we’ve done just that. But an album with hundreds of photos from Savannah, with dozens of landmarks presents a problem. Seriously, a description line to accompany each photo seems like a no brainer. I get Apple’s minimalistic form, but excluding this seems rather drastic. Honestly, I can’t believe they didn’t have this from day one of iOS photos.

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I noted today that in iOS 14, Apple has provided a caption line directly under a photo in the photo app. Pushing up with your finger on a photo provides the space to give some info on the individual photo.

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Thanks for sharing; that’s a good tip. For someone like me who typically only shares one or two photos at a time, I’ve been content to add the details in a message when I send it. On a few occasions when I wanted to share a series of photos from a trip I used a web app from Microsoft call Sway to quickly throw together a kind of photo log or journal. You add the pictures or whatever content you want, including videos, and then pop in the text you want, and it puts it all together in a really nice layout.