iPhone Set Up Weirdness

So I caved when I was determined not to, & used my Next Every Year plan to trade my XS for an iPhone 11 ProMax. Love the extra screen real estate.

When I was setting it up via iCloud transfer, it kept prompting me to add the password for my daughter’s iCloud. My daughter has never had anything to do with my phones or account. She has a family of her own, & has never been on any of my iPhone plans.

The prompt showed up well over a dozen times. It finally ceased. I searched online for this, & found someone who said if an app was purchased or even downloaded for free under another iCloud account, that might be why. I have had a new phone for the past 3 years, & this prompt has never appeared before. She is as mystified as I am about this. We could not recall any interaction between our phones like that. Very strange.

As an aside, the speed I was asked to enter my email account passwords was staggering. It was so frantically prompting me, it would not let me type anything before it gave me another prompt. Eventually, I was able to get them entered, but it was because I deleted an account, which seemed to circuit break the prompts. It was a minor account which I will add later.

It was the strangest data transfer I’ve ever encountered.

The only thing I’ve had similar is on a Mac with multiple users, and sometimes it prompts for the other persons Apple account password when you update an app they downloaded from their login. Never seen it on phones though.

Yes, it was something I’ve never encountered. It’s just so weird that it would be my daughter’s, who has never had an interaction on my phone. My wife and I share Family iCloud storage, so I could have seen hers show up, but otherwise, it was just strange.