Windows iCloud password app not populating passwords from iPhone

I installed the iCloud password app on my Windows 10 laptop. It works fine locally. But it’s not downloading my keychain passwords from my iPhone. Is there a special procedure I need to follow to accomplish this?

Have you set the keychain to be shared in iCloud on the phone? I just checked and it was disabled on my phone…

Thanks. I did check that, thanks.
I did get some help from an Apple Support tech and it sort of works. It’s a bit flaky though.

Turns out that the only way you can export keychain passwords is from a Mac computer. It’s not possible on an iOS device or by installing the iCloud password application on a Windows device.
After struggling for two weeks, I was finally able to create a virtual Mac using AWS. Now I have an export of keychain passwords that I can import into my Bitwarden vault.
Yay me!

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