Apple needs some software QA!

Wow, looking at all of the bugs and problems with iOS 13, 13.1, 13.1.1, 13.1.2, and with MacOS Catalina, maybe Apple needs to hire some more software QA folks!!


Yes and no.

Apple is deciding to take an Agile approach.

This means multiple streams and constant feedback are encouraged and required.

Fix the bugs? Yes. Use the public beta. You will be going between point releases.

Hardware? You have an iPhone XR, iPad 3, Watch 4, iPhone SE as an example. These all require different builds when major changes occur.

They did take our silent suggestion to look for duplicates and merge changes. Now you’ll see release ready builds grouped back together.

There are still caveats to this approach. It’s not as easy integrating new features.

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My problem is the short time between bug fix releases - and the fact there are sooooo many problems so soon out of the gate


This is why I wait a few weeks to buy new Apple products or to update. The Alex Lindsay rule applies (wait for the fix to the fix that fixes the original update). Not to dissimilar from Microsoft on the product side, where the rule is to wait for the third iteration before considering buying it.


There was a time, long, long ago, even before Captain Kirk flew the airwaves, when engineers built hardware that had to last a long time, and perform perfectly. I worked with spacecraft designed to last 6 months that continued being useful 25 years later. And they even had nicad batteries.
And then, whatever deity you chose to believe in, created programmers and software engineers. Many fingers and opinions in the pie.
If you like your devices to perform as advertised, follow the 3rd version rule. if you like excitement in your life, like I do, put your single device on the beta version, and hold on.


I have to report that the latest CarPlay, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and Catalina have sadly behaved and not made me regret upgrading any of them.

Relatively sure I have just doomed myself to waking up to cyber chaos tomorrow.


LOL, uh oh, you may be in trouble!!:joy::joy:

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This seems to be the model software is done a cross the industry just hurry up and shipped it and fix it later. “software as a service” which is not good for us the end users. We are the guinea pigs, the software quality and the QA process we had seen seems to be gone for the time being and a lost practice.

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Looks that way to be sure…I just got Version 13.1.3

My iPhone is behaving, my iPad has some minor glitchy goings on. Nothing major and overall, I’m quite pleased. Just did the Mac update and it’s too soon to judge. No problem updating it so there’s that…

Just installed 13.2 - we’ll see if this smooths iOS 13 out a bit - it did add support for the AirPods Pro I just ordered and activated deep fusion for the camera

I like when Apple does it it’s “agile” but when Microsoft pushes their insider program it’s terrible.

I think both these major players could do with more QC.

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I was just about to post this on the “pet peeves” thread, haha. Updates, updates, updates. Bug fixes for bug fixes. IT NEVER ENDS. (And yes, I know, it never will end, so save your keystrokes.)

Actually Apple started the agile way, ended up in the other direction.

Microsoft was never agile but they did have a slow period and several others.

QC has nothing to do with it but Apple designs much simpler software.

I also don’t want to slam either but Microsoft’s insider program did not have a feedback mechanism until a few months ago.

Aside from that, I believe both companies are using Agile simply because other vendors are implementing it on their own software teams.