Messaging, video, video quality low

Hi Mikah!!

I have 2 questions…

  1. For the iPados, iphoneos public beta, there is supposed to be an IOS Apple Beta Feedback Reporting App. I can’t locate said app. Any help.
  2. My family is all on iphones. When they Message a video to the family group the video always gets exported as a very small very low quality video. Do you know how to get messages to send the video in Original size or actual size?

Thank You, Love all your shows

Been on iPhone beta system for several years. Feedback app appeared when first joined. Never purposely installed it.
Since Apple added the new display feature in iOS 14 where all apps are grouped when you swipe left past your last page, a lot of apps are hidden. Swipe down on home page and simply type in “feedback”. See if it appears. Also, name of app is not unique to beta. Just “Feedback”. It knows what version you are on.

I think I have the Feedback app. The one with the pinkish icon with the ! In it. They mentioned the last time I entered the App or Website that there is an app that will automatically upload my bug/debug files. Which is what I ask them about. Normally when I sent in a bug report the app asks me to upload debug files. I never know which files to upload. Any further help is appreciated. I know these are located under Privacy settings. But I would love if these were just attached automatically.


Have to admit I generally let the feedback app do its own data collection, unless there is a specific file illustrating the bug.
There have been several cases where Apple have gotten back to me about a reported issue, but don’t remember if they asked for any specific files.