HamWAN - A modern, multi-megabit, IP-based, digital network for amateur radio use!

I was just looking at this project and thought it was neat for municipal projects. Wonder if I can get the equipment for data packets and use it as a radio?

The reason this would make sense here is that transit and other organizations in my city also use similar (if not the same) radio technology.


What would be the advantage of this over traditional PtP networking hardware? For the same cost, I can have a link set up over several miles with over 100Mb/s throughput.

I should note, that I am not yet an amateur radio licensee, so my knowledge there is limited. I am taking my technician exam next month. I do a lot of networking for my job, so I do have experience there though.

Topology would be one as far as I understand. The cost is only about $200. I can imagine not more than $500. Low power is key as to lower the RF emissions. Most radio based transmission of this type would not exceed 5 Mbps as I recall.

I also know while Ham is not going away as a radio technology, rural areas benefit from this technology as well.