Looking for a good quality Access Point

Hello all,

I am looking for an access point for a small area and about 5-6 clients and 2 x security cameras connected all the time.

I need 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz and N as well as AC standard. I am not sure whether to take Asus or TP Link.

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It depends on what you mean by good quality. To me, that means a device that is built to last, so it has a proper cooling design, and software support for a long enough period (3+ years.) I don’t think any of the “residental” router makers have these options, so I think it’s a crapshoot really, unless you’re going to go higher end to something like Ubiquity.

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you are absolutely right. I think it’s important that it runs reliably. I don’t push big data through the network. Especially not over wifi.

I’d go with Ubiquiti Unifi, if you can. You don’t need to buy a CloudKey to run it, you can use any old machine you have laying around, I put the controller on my QNAP at first, now I do have a CK and a backup on a RaspberryPi.

They are very good and well featured. I ended up getting all Unifi - 3xAPs, switch and Security Gateway (firewall), which are all managed through the CloudKey. This allowed me to easily set up additional VLANs and associated SSIDs for the IoT devices, like the cameras, to isolate them from the main network, plus an VLAN/SSID for guests and another for my own computer kit, NAS etc.

Obviously, setting it up that way takes some money up front, but it is a very good solution. You could also use pfSense for the firewall, for example, as Steve Gibson recommends, if you don’t want to invest in the Unifi SG, for example, and any VLAN capable switch would work, it is just easier to configure if they all use the same management software.

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I second the Ubiquiti suggestion. There’s more setup overhead than a typical residential device but they’re good products. Haven’t had one die on me yet, and I have a similar use case with a pair of cameras pushing ~6mpbs at all times.

Be warned however, they’re a gateway drug to other UI products!

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