Best Smart Plug

I was wondering what the best smart plug for Homekit and Android? We are a split house.

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I noticed IKEA have one now that is only £8 in the UK and they say their stuff will be HomeKit, although delayed according to @mikahsargent on the latest show?

Do check the power rating of anything you get. I think the Amazon ones were quite low, a few reports of them overheating.

I settled on TP-Link Kasa ones, they’ve been very reliable but not HomeKit unfortunately.

I have the Belkin WEMO Smart Plug Mini. Wemo Mini WiFi Smart Plug It works well with Android and iOS and with Google Home. (I don’t know about other assistants.) I probably say “Ok Google Turn on (or off) the Lamp” at least several times a day. :wink: It has reasonable scheduling, including things like “15 minutes before sunrise/sunset”. It has an away mode for security type settings when you’re traveling and you want your house to look occupied. It also claims to have a mode where if you turn it on, it will auto turn it off after so much time. (I say claims, because I have seen that setting once in the UI, but never actually ever had the need to use it.)

On Homekit vs. Google, we are mixed Apple and Android. I gave up trying to find Homekit stuff and use Alexa and Alexa Routines with a bit of IFTTT to integrate everything.

Works well, there’s only one way to control everything (rather than Siri and Google Assistant), everything works remotely, the voice control is superior than Siri.

I’ve got a mixture of tp-link, sonoff and some random ones that I should replace. They all work well from within their own apps for timers etc, the only problems I have had is sometimes thebintegration with Google or IFTT doesn’t always work but this seems to happen across the board so couldn’t pin it down to one plug being better than another. We don’t use homekit.

I have a Belkin Wemo, a cheap WiFi light from Walmart, and Lutron. Out of them all, Lutron is the best by far. A little pricey, but they work perfectly and the internet bridge continues to work even when the internet is out.

If you can afford to piece them into your home slowly, you will never regret it.

I’ve been using KMC for a few years now and was satisfied with quality and price and app
Only downside is size

I just picked up a Shelly Cloud 2.5 and I’m going to install it this weekend. It lets you control two switches and keeps the non-smart wall switch able to control the lights as well as the smart devices. Only $25.