IOS 494: Our iPhone Home Screens

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Good show, boys! I thought it was a cool experience to see your home screens. As much as I love praising @mikahsargent , I have to say, “What in the world?!” That home screen was wild! I appreciate the insights, though. I have many of Apple’s native apps on both my iPhone and iPad. I have a limited budget and can only subscribe to a few applications, like Bear for note taking. I would love to try Fantastical and will explore it from y’all’s recommendations throughout many episodes and shows. Xoxo

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I think there’s a free tier of Fantastical that offers 90% of the functionality. Still, it’s only somewhat better than Apple’s own calendar. Bear is fantastic! Take a look at the free open-source Joplin, too @GrandmaChaz - it’s not as pretty as Bear but it works just as well. Syncs with Dropbox, too.

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