IOS 478: A Decade of iPad

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Great stuff. More harmonizing/singing. In fact, maybe you two could do an entire episode in musical form! :slight_smile:


What an awesome Christmas present! I noticed my downloads had substantially increased and didn’t know why as I was traveling when this episode dropped. Just went to the site and saw us listed as a favorite of the year! Thanks Mikah and Leo!!! Also thanks to the TWiT army for all the support!!


I had a comment about Podcast Apps. At TWiT you are very much a fan of Pocket Cast but you are missing out on what I think is the best of all of them. It is “Downcast”. It has all the features I want, including the ability to play video podcasts. Prior to finding Downcast, I was a fan of Overcast but it did not do video. Another great feature of Downcast is that there is also a Mac App…and it synchronizes your podcasts…and your your listening place as well. Start on one device and continue on another. Anyway, just wanted to point out this app, it is certainly my favorite.

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