IOS 585: Get to Grips With the Apple Watch

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Great timing, our Watches turned up last nicht.

The whole thing is too complicated for my wife, which is a shame, complicated with me trying to set up my own Watch and her asking questions about what is on her screen (I can’t see it when she is looking at it) and, because I am helping her at the same time, I haven’t gotten that far yet… :smiley:

Still, worked out eventually.

What I’ve not found yet is a way do remove/hide all the built-in apps that are of no use, so it doesn’t look so complicated (E.g. the stock market app). Hopefully that will turn up during the show (I’m only about 15 minutes in so far).

Edit: Looks like the Dock might be the answer, at least partially… But de-cluttering the apps list would be good.

I also noted that my wife’s Health app showed her breathing, whilst she was sleeping, in mine, there is no data, but according to the watch, it is turned on…

Edit 2: Some lessons learnt, I don’t use a lot of the apps on my phone, so I just dumped them into folders… Removing them from the home screen completely seems to mirror that on the Watch.


Welcome to the wonderful world of Apple Watch! I hope you both enjoy them.


Thanks. So far, so good. It seems a lot more accurate than the Polar I was using before.

The daily recharging is a pain (Battery at about 40% by the time I’ve gotten up and walked the dog, the Polar needed an hours charge once a week (it would actually go 9 days between charges, but I’d just recharge Saturday or Sunday mornings).

But sleep tracking is more accurate. I usually have to get up in the middle of the night and the Polar never registered that or took it into account. The Apple Watch tracked that, and I didn’t take my pain killers last night, as I was going to the doctor’s today and wanted to report accurately on my current condition, and it registered the 3 times I was awake during the night due to the pain and trying to get back to sleep again.

I had to boost my daily goals, the standard ones that were set I reached by lunchtime! I upped my doubled my calorie count and training periods and I still easily reached those today - although the walk to the doctor’s and fulfilled my training goal for the day.

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I hear you on this one! I usually charge it for a bit right as I get up (I take it off as I get out of bed), and then usually put it on charge around 9pm when I tend to be relaxing and therefore not very active.

Good job on those daily goals, I had to reduce mine a bit when I changed jobs—but most days I do far exceed them!

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Same; I charge for a bit some mornings, and then a bit every night while I’m getting the kids ready for bed. This keeps me topped off for sleep tracking overnight; a workout in the afternoon; and messages, reminders, notifications, and Apple Pay throughout the day. I’m also looking forward to warmer weather when I can ride or run with just my watch and AirPods. I’m thinking this fall I’ll replace my Series 4 with a Series 8 with cellular so I can go out more often without my phone.

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So far, charging in the morning, when I am sitting in front of the computer reading the news and drinking my coffee is usually enough. Still not as comfortable as 1 hour a week.

Interestingly, my wife has already received multiple warnings about low pulse (under 40). It wakes her up in the middle of the night. She will make an appointment with the doctor tomorrow.

Sound like she will probably have to make an ECG, which means that we are kicking ourselves, because we bought the SE. We thought ECG was a nicht to have, now it looks like it might actually have been useful…

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My watches do the same at night when my heartrate drops below 40. Yes, get it checked but it might be her cardio fitness from all the cycling. My avg resting heartrate is 45ish.