I'm shocked at what MasterCard did!

Click-bait headline intended for humor only. :crazy_face:

I have an REI credit card for quite a few years. A few months ago they switched from VISA to MasterCard. One of the perks is: if you pay your cell phone bill with the card, your devices are insured for theft or damage. Since it pay 2% rewards I put everything I can find on it. So I did.

Not long ago I purchased my first Apple Watch, cellular model. Did not opt for Apple Care. I get charged $4/month by US Cellular for its connection to the service.
It was no more than three weeks from the purchase date and I completely smashed the crystal. Apple estimated $375 to fix it. I called MasterCard to find out if the watch was covered. Agent said it was. Sent it to Apple. They immediately sent me a replacement watch and charged me $375. (I paid $500+ for it.)
Took me a while on the phone with MasterCard to get to the right person to file the claim. Had to log in to upload cell phone bill and charge from Apple. Three weeks later…THEY PAID THE CLAIM minus $50 deductible!!!


Why do we have to work so hard to get our “benefits”? That’s the thing that drives me crazy…multiple phone calls…sending docs back and forth…and waiting weeks to be reimbursed! This is the age of instant gratification…I want to be instantly gratified! :joy:



Unfortunately, not everybody is honest, so those of us that are have to suffer… It drives my wife crazy!