Apple Charge Card

I just love the visibility of the Apple Charge Card system. My wife and I use it as a debit card paying it every Sunday while out for brunch. Apple is locking us into their ecosystem with Apple Pay, the watch and the phone.


My problem with the Apple Card is that the rewards aren’t great. Amazon offers 5% back on all purchases for Prime members, including Apple hardware if you have their card. I suppose that if you spend a lot of money in the App Store it might be worth it.


Up to 3%, but the Apple Card also has ZERO fees😊 - you have to pay for Amazon Prime…plus you get the Apple Cash back daily!!!


I did like the activation process for the physical card; no more calling in and inputting the card number. It was painless. I don’t care as much that the card is Titanium but I do like that there are no numbers on it. Though, I imagine other cards offer that feature. I have an Apple Watch along with an iPhone; for places that accept Apple Pay, its pretty sweat to be able to use the Watch and not have to pull out my phone or wallet.

I know one is able to make online purchases in Safari against the card but I wonder if other browsers are supported? I don’t use Safari as much; I’m a Firefox user most of the time.

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Yes, I did sacrifice the Amazon Card for convenience of changing credit card numbers and instant visibility. Someone got our Amazon card number and had to cancel and get a new one. An ordeal for sure. I guess I will never be rich! :slight_smile:

I have found the Apple Card to be extremely convenient. All charges are listed right there immediately and I can pay the balance quickly. I don’t have to open an app or log into a website. I used to use my check card or more than CCs to keep from unwittingly running up a balance and Apple card has essentially replaced using the check card for me.

Amazon may be better for Amazon and I may eventually get one. I really should use my other cards more for their points or miles but I can’t resist the convenience of Apple CC.
The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t easily log into my wife’s account and pay her CC bill. I have to borrow her phone once in a while, check the balance, and pay on her phone. She could do that but usually I do all of the bills. With other cards I just monitor her accounts.

So Apple or Goldman need to get some kind of web login going eventually.

I think I need to work on my credit Apple denied me

I was wondering, do you have your credit scores locked? I do and had to unlock it and reapply.

You should have access to a letter that says why. That’s your business but it’ll help you figure out what changes to make so you can re-apply in 6-12 months. Credit Karma is free and can be helpful.

No my credit scores are not locked my credit got messed up in the divorce but I’m slowly building it back up I was hoping it was enough for apple credit card but I need to work on it more