Apple Card 6% Daily Cash promo customer service gold star award

November 30th I ordered the new MacBook Pro 16" and was billed on December 7th. Yesterday Apple announced 6% Daily Cash for purchases through December 31. Just my luck that I missed the boat having used my Apple Card to purchase the item so I could receive 3% Daily Cash. I figured it would be worth a shot to ask if I could be considered for an additional 3%, so I opened a chat using the Apple Store app on my iPhone and posted the question. They responded almost immediately then connected me to Goldman Sachs after granting permission to do so. The representative needed some details which I provided and after a short time I was notified I will see an additional 3% within a few days. I was floored and extremely gracious. They weren’t obligated to do that for me, but they did. How’s that for customer service?!!


this is great! I am so happy for you! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the boards.

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Thanks for welcoming me and happy you liked my story.


3% might be a lot for you, but almost nothing for Apple. It’s good that companies with a lot of money use it to keep up customer satisfaction. My general rule is to never be afraid to ask, be polite when asking and accept no for an answer.