Amazon Prime Store Card - AutoPay

Our recent February statement included 3 significant Amazon purchases that included taking advantage of their zero percent payments of either 6 or 12 equal payments. Surprisingly to us, Synchrony Bank reduced our checking account for the full amount New Balance Due rather than calculating the installments plus other non-installment purchases. When I called customer support, they said it was because we had AutoPay enabled. When I challenged them for not calculating installments and other charges, we were offered to have a refund mailed back. This is not the first time we have taken advantage of interest free installments and looking back, previous statements were correctly calculated with AutoPay enabled. Sure feels like a new bait-n-switch but at least there was no hesitation about refunding the difference.

Interesting. I have a Newegg store card also through Synchrony. Haven’t used it in years but I don’t recall having this problem.

Curious, was AutoPay setup automatically (maybe with a checkbox during signup/checkout), or did you need to login to Synchrony’s website and enable AutoPay yourself?

Really unclear about AutoPay details. Maybe we elected to have this feature but do not remember. Don’t know if it is the default. Just seems odd logic to have installments itemized on the statement then ignore and bill the full amount. Synchrony customer rep did not hesitate offering the refund before I had a chance to ask.

You know the saying:

Never presume malice where stupidity or incompetence is sufficient to explain the situation.


Sounds like this is a common thing then. I’d call it a dark pattern… except that wouldn’t it benefit Synchrony to have customers forget/neglect their payments so they can build interest charges?

Might just be crummy UX on their part.

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@PHolder quoting Hanlon’s Razor: Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by neglect reminds of "don’t look for conspiracy when incompetence will do".

Synchrony bank was purchased by another bank last year, if I remember correctly.
My wife and I had accounts at Simple, the on-line only bank, which we just used for our personal spending budget. When Simple was sold to another bank (Synchrony?) I closed my account.
Then that bank was bought by another (BNC?), that opted people into paper statements for $5 a month. Then my wife closed her account.

A bank may start out customer-centric, but that will change when management changes.

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