WARNING: twit.tv is currently blocked by popular blocklist osid.nl

@Leo @admins Not sure this is the best place to post, but twit.tv is being blocked by popular blocklist osid.nl. The source appears to be a podcast list from http://shallalist.de. Suspect a misconfiguration, and reported the false positive here oisd | FP report

First noticed this at 1700 Eastern time today. osid is one of the popular blocklists available through NextDNS, which is how I wound up with problem.


Looks like the list has already been updated. Added them to my PiHole and twit.tv is still working.

I’ve successfully removed something from that list before, they responded within a few hours.

It was actually the S3 gateway for wasabi if I remember correctly, so they removed it without question.

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Ah, Stephan from osid got back to me in about 2 hrs after my report. Just saw his email. Great service there.

I guess with all the block lists, its surprising there aren’t more problems. :slight_smile: I remember last year the website of a brewery in my home town was once blocked by osid. They cleared that up too, in a few days.


I’ll be honest, the use of blocklists is one of the reasons I don’t use NextDNS. It’s just easier for me to manage locally with an adblocker.

I think there will always be false positives in these things. Using a network wide tool like a pinhole or nextdns allows you to make sure that the kids are protected too (whether they want to be or not!)

I really appreciate the report and follow-up. Thanks for getting us unblocked!

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Happy I could help!

The reason appears to be that osid, or an upstream list that they use, added shallalist.de’s list of podcast domains. I presume it was a mistake, but cleared up anyway. Cheers!