Icecast Popout Player Invisible

This bug report is regarding the Icecast “popout” player:

Leo tried to get to the stream in Ask The Tech Guys episode 1971, but it wouldn’t load for him, so I tried to look into it.

The stream URL is reachable on the TWiT Live Page.
Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 16.13.35

By default, the URL just shows a black page. You can see the following error in the developer console: The API method jwplayer().resize() is disabled in the free edition of JW Player.

So I decided to look at the page and I found the player is there, it’s just hidden. Applying the CSS width:100% to .player-audio makes it appear on the page.

Something else for @PDelahanty to look into probably, unless @Leo is into editing the code himself.

I’m sorry, but I didn’t see this thread until today.

I’ve fixed the issue. Sorry about the delay! :sweat_smile: