Amazon is forcing TWiT to advertise for it?

I use the TWiT Live page to stream to my Chromecast. Just recently it has starting doing this:

Note the ad trying to push me into Twitch’s site and off of the TWiT site.

I just tuned into the live stream on which defaults to the Twitch stream, and did not get the popup.
But oddly I caught the beginning of the Windows Weekly recording show and Leo was talking about this popup and asked his tech team to take a look into it.
Maybe it is live shows only that see this?

Well in my case, because I am using Chrome and Chromecast, that window is normally backgrounded and just a black rectangle anyway… nevertheless it’s a new unwanted behaviour, and bodes poorly for the future.

Yeah you would only see it if you’re watching our live stream on Twitch. And not everyone is seeing it. We’re working on it.

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Just a FYI @Leo I use Twitch over YouTube or your other options because the webpage app of Twitch has a ChromeCast button built in and none of the others do. Today I experienced the stream (on my TV) being INTERRUPTED by a purple message from Twitch, repeatedly. The message mentions third party ad blocking, so I assume Twitch is trying to insert ads in the live stream. It is replacing (overriding) the content.

I know it’s not your fault, and maybe you’re happy to lose a hard to account for live stream viewer, but I’m not likely to become a podcast watcher in substitution for watching live.

When I went to my PC and killed the Chromecast feed, I also got the ad on my Twitch app window on the TWiT site:

while we are on the topic of advertisements, it seems they are getting longer. A 5 minute ad, especially one I have heard 20x already, really motivates me to skip over it! FWIW