Hurray! Leo comes clean. The Fruit Company and the M1 computer have issues

First of all…cudos to Leo for donating to the ACLU. Yes they have problems like any non-profit, but its the thought that counts. Caring about social justice is more important than any of this computer stuff…IMHO.

Now… Im a mac user. Just my laptop. My phone is an android, but thats not the point.
The point is, that after having to listen to Leo expound about how the M1, and the Fruit Company in general, are the greatest thing since sliced sourdough bread, things have finally toned down a little.

THANK YOU Doc Rock, for saying “I dont need the thinnest, lightest, laptop ever made”. I dont either . and also, I dont like “dongle mania” , especially with the thunderbolt dongles that are in the 100’s of dollars.

Apple doesnt say…“The new M1 laptop, only $1400, but it will cost you another $500 if u want to connect it to anything.” (DOLLAR AMOUNTS ARE ESTIMATED. Your mileage may vary.)

And then there’s the Apple Arrogance. “We will tell you what you want, and you will like it”. This is no attitude for ANY company that sells to the public to have. I know ppl who will not buy apple products solely because of this. And Leo, rightly so, says he gets annoyed with Big Sur constantly asking him “are u sure u want to do this”, with no way to eliminate these annoying reminders. As Leo says “I know what Im doing”

Now Leo is saying …“well, the M1 is the bottom of the barrel. The next apple machines to come out will be vastly better”. Maybe so…maybe not. I just wish Leo would say IMHO, and not state this as if it were fact.

Personally, I just dont have the need for speed and flash, that some people do (Hint) . It just seems to be this guy thing that totally turns me off.
I love when Leo is down to earth and calm and the voice of reason.
As a small business owner, I enjoy when he talks about running the TWIT business. Running a business involves making a lot of tough decisions, that can make or break the business down the road. Its real grit.

I hate when he just has to get over-the-top excited about whatever the next new, shiny, fast thing is. It just comes off as immature, IMHO. Im glad he likes his new electric car…but all the craziness about its arrival…I can live without the craziness…and …I have a feeling…a lot of other ppl can live without the craziness too.

As for me, I just bought one of my fav laptops…the 2012-2016 macbookpro. Core I7, Catalina OS, 16gigs of Ram, 500Gig SSD. 7 ports, optical drive, magsafe charger, new battery. No butterfly keyboard, no dongles, no external anything needed. Fast enough for everyday business use. Got it from OWC with a 2 year warranty. Its the 4th refurbed macbookpro ive gotten from them, and all have been flawless so far.
(my studio has the 8 core I9 processor machine, for video use. Its just as fast as the M1, and a whole lot more backwards compatible)

Sorry, Leo, that Im sounding critical. I’m still an everyday listener to all the TWIT shows. Im just casting my vote for the “voice of reason” Leo over the “Oohhh…LOOK, fast and shiny” Leo.

Enjoy your week off.

beth marshall

ps…and im still upset that Apple treats Leo as persona non grata. Thats just very poor arrogant behavior on apples part. Leo, please stop sucking up to them. You are better than that.


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