How's your Battery Life with Android 10?

Hey All,

For those who has upgraded to Android 10, how is battery life for your device ?

I’m using a Pixel 3 and during the first week after the update; battery life was actually terrible. It was probably the week after that, that my device had a much better battery life compared to when I was still on Android 9.

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I’m using a Pixel 3A with Android 10, and my battery life seems unchanged from Android 9. Right now the expected uptime since I just restarted it after the latest update is 14.5 hours.


I have a Pixel and battery life sucks after the 10 update. I can lose 30-40 percent charge on my hour dive to work just streaming podcasts over bluetooth. If the phone sits with the screen off, battery is fine, but begins dropping fast once I start using it.
Battery was much better before the upgrade. I could use the phone thought the day and charge it up a bit before I would leave, but now I need to charge 2 or 3 times during the day
It also crashes a lot more now and I can’t power it back on unless I plug it in as if the battery is dead, but it can be at 40% but act like it is flat.

My P2XL has gotten night and day better. So much that I’ve forgotten to charge it at night a few times.

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Whoa I didn’t even consider this could be A10s fault. I also have an OG Pixel and my battery life is terrible. It dies at least twice a day.

I just assumed my phone is 3 years old, I am a heavy user with lots of apps running all the time and it’s just time for an upgrade.

I usually find most new phones will lose its charged capacity after the first year. Usually it can only keep 80%, i think it was something to do with the chemical limitation of lithium ion.

@godfrey, since your phone is 3 years old; i suspect as much.

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I looked it up today and it’s the last month for guaranteed updates for the OG Pixel.

Can we #conspiracy this? Are they forcing us to update!?

Just got the Oct update btw

There are a lot of unintended consequences with system-level changes when a big OS update comes around (speaking generally, not just Android). Only way to know for sure if it’s worse due to update though is to compare fresh install of 9 to fresh install of 10, otherwise it could be specific app(s), particularly if the app(s) aren’t yet updated or optimized for the new OS version.

I would check the apps using battery in settings, but also see how discharge rate fluctuates with app usage using an app like Ampere. Possibly experiment with uninstalling apps, see if battery discharge slows with radios disabled, etc.

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Sounds like someone covering up a conspiracy.

For real though battery usage does not look abnormal. Perhaps this Oct update pushed a fix.

My Pixel 3 XL battery was great before and after Android 10. I love this phone.

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Pixel2XL panda phone - my battery life seems to have improved pretty well after Android 10 upgrade. I might be one of the few that actually likes the “Until 6:00AM” or whatever time on the battery display rather than the percentage.

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Looks like this October update may have helped my battery life. It’s only been a few days but today in particular has been good.

Anyone see any difference? I didn’t actually read the release notes so idk if it even addresses the battery.

Battery life on my Pixel 2 has been about the same. When I do have battery issues, like I have recently, it’s generally down to a rouge app not shutting down.

Annoyingly often that rouge app is a Google app such as Play Services or just the main Search app. Even more annoying is that it doesn’t often show up on the battery stats so it’s a real guessing game.

Two days ago, after many issues with standby battery life after Android 10, battery stats finally showed me that the Google search app was running constantly and sucking what little battery my aging Pixel 2 has. A force stop, cache clear and reboot seems to have resolved the issue.

I did a factory rest on my phone today to see if that would help, but it still is draining faster then before the upgrade. :angry:

Gotta admit, a day after my last post my Pixel 2 drained 80% of battery in 3-4 hours with minimal use then shutdown completely at the 20% mark.

The average sized batteries on the Pixel 4 are a big reason I’m hesitant in upgrading.

They are quite small for flagship phones. I have to believe Google has something up their sleeve on these devices around battery management. Maybe that is the one thing that didn’t leak!!

Did some research and lots of reports about PocketCasts eating battery since the last update a few months ago. I did not see that on Android 9, but after the Android 10 upgrade PocketCasts is the top battery use. Battery drained %30 during my drive this morning listening to Security Now after factory reset, but I am also seeing the phone crash even when that is not running, so something else is also going on.

Well Google dropped the fist gen Pixel this month from updates leaving me with with an OS that can’t determine the battery percentage left and crashes randomly. I wish they had just not updated the old Pixle like they said they would. The update to 10 has left me worst off then being stuck on 9.
Will have to look into rooting and installing another ROM in the desperate hope if fixes the battery drain and crashes.

While my phone is different than yours - a Samsung S8 - I upgraded to 10. Battery life has not changed for me.