Pixel 3 Battery

I got a Pixel 3 just less than 3 months ago and for the last couple of weeks the battery has lasted about 4 hours less than when I first got it. The real problem I’m having is that the battery usage page doesn’t seem to be displaying accurate information. I say that because when I check the usage the app by app usage (even including system) doesn’t match the total usage or the difference between the total and the remaining battery percentage. I’ve contacted Google Support they insist that I have to factory reset the phone to determine is it’s an app issue or an issue with the device itself. Even more recently then I’ve started experiencing charging issues. So I assume it’s definitely a device issue.

When these kinds of things happen, the nuclear option might be the only way to go. Wipe the phone, start from scratch. Don’t restore it from a backup. Install the apps you need one at a time.


But I don’t think it’s actually an app. Or at least it’ it doesn’t appear to be. Pocket Casts is the app that uses the most battery by far at about 13% and that’s where it’s always been. Other apps use between 3 and 10 percent each. Usage percentage wise it’s normal. The battery is just not lasting. It seems to me like it a problem with the battery itself based on how it been so drastic. It went from lasting about 15 hours on a full charge to lasting 8 on a good day.

To get help from the support of wherever you bought it or from Google, you first have to rule out a software cause with a factory reset.


Sho nuff! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I find battery stats completely useless in identifying the actual app causing the drain. Most of the time, I find it’s either the Google app or Google Play Services going wacky.

First if you are signed up for any betas,maybe look at going back to the regular releases first. Then I would try force stop and clear cache for both the Google app and Play Services listings.

If this doesn’t work and the battery drain is still larger than normal, probably best to go the nuclear route then :slight_smile:

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I’ve also Jad this odd issue where the location always reads as loading. I just realized that the GPS antenna always checking could be causing the battery drain. I’ve previously contacted Google about that. They weren’t helpful. I think it’s all the hardware. I’ve also been having charging issues. It’s not holding its charging and charging really slowly even when turned off.

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I have the pixel 2, and while everyone always complains about how things go down hill real fast with Android I honestly never experienced it. I ran that sucker for almost 2 years and I can’t remember the last time I reset it. I’m not using it right now and it’s been so long that I can’t tell you what exactly the option is called but stock Android has this app prediction, frequently used apps thing which is as a real killer IMO.

I think this is it App Suggestions

The other things might be you need to clear some Google cache. It’s happened to me before, not often, but when it did I think that solved some of it.

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I’m not blaming the device in that sense I honestly think it just faulty. As I’ve said battery life isn’t the only issue it’s just the base. I’m also having charging issues.

Ya that’s a bit of an issue haha. I’d still turn that thing off

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What do you mean by that thing?

The app suggestions feature

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I don’t use it. I’m currently using Action Launcher.