Android OS versions

Galaxy S10 - my first not google phone since the Very first Google snappy keyboard phone. I wish Samsung would bring back Pure Edition !
Samsung’s spin on Android is just annoying enough !
Great phone ~ the Only reason I switched was from our conversation on the TechGuy And the ability to have a half terabyte of storage.
I really miss the Pixel Camera, With Real Android !

Cool having the forum ~ Thanks :vulcan_salute:

@OldChefGuy I do think there’s a way to get the Google Camera on your S10 - google “Gcam S10” and you’ll find an APK you can sideload.

Honestly though I bet you go back to the Samsung camera app after a while! Love my S10+. (Although I can’t wait to get my hands on a Pixel 4.)

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Thanks for the ‘early’ response !

I like the camera, the wide angle is pretty damn stunning* it is the over cranking of the image quality

that I don’t like about the S10. I would like to be able to easily capture an image, then if I want to adjust

a little in post, ok happy to.

*I still have my Leica M3 with original Summicron 28mm, that I have had since the late 70’s. So I am oriented

to take the photograph as I want it.

Thanks again!

I am using the S10+, and has grown accustomed to the Samsung UI, actually with the Nova launcher on top.
I test drive Huawei and others, and did not like them.
I use the multiscreen features quite a lot, and Samsung has the best implementation imo.
Never use a Pixel phone before, but love to try out the Pixel 4 though.

Every smart phone I have ever owned has been a Samsung. So, I like the interface they use, personally.