How to keep Amazon Echo devices in two locations separate?

Hello everyone
I’ve got into a situation

I have 2 amazon echo devices i 2 different locations with 2 separate wifi network

And im using home automation devices controlled with voice commands

But my issue is I don’t want the voice command in one triggers the voice on the other device

Is there any ways to have 2 echo device on same alexa app with NO connection
Or should i use 2 amazon account with 2 phones to ensure it doesn’t happen
It’s frustrating
Please help

Unfortunately Amazon doesn’t support multiple homes in their Alexa app, so you can either try to name everything appropriately, use groups etc. to mimimise turning stuff on in the other house, or use two accounts.

Problem with two accounts is Prime if you use any of their services. You dont want to have to subscribe twice.

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Thank you yeah that’s unfortunate
I tried to make everything separate by names and groups
My only concern is i dont wanna play music on one and the other one responds or ask something from this one and the other one answers
And also wanna is ensure there is no walkie talkie option so no one can listen to each other through this

In the app, under settings for each Echo if you go into communications you can turn off the drop-in feature, or all comms if you want to.