Controlling TV/Roku/FireStick/Alexa via voice

Hey all! So my goal as a disabled person is to control my TV via voice. I’ve already tried the Harmony Companion Hub thing for $150 and the hub itself will not connect to wifi despite all of their troubleshooting steps. It doesn’t show up in the router despite numerous attempts. I really think the hub itself is defective.

So here’s the setup -
A Vizio TV (E291i-A1 to be exact)
Roku 4 on HDMI 1
FireTV Stick on HDMI 2
An Echo Dot
A local Plex server on my LAN which works fine per if that matters.

My current remote is the Logitech 665 which works fine but doesn’t support Alexa nor the hub.

Again, my goal is to not rely on a remote and use voice only. I understand that I need the Harmony hub but also a basic remote that is back-lit if voice fails for whatever reason.

I don’t really want to pay another $250-$350 for the top-end Harmony Remotes just to be able to control them via Alexa (the Echo Dot), but is that pretty much the only solution?

I’m disabled as well, though, I am able to use my limbs, I do use my voice to control my TV setup. I have the Harmony Hub, Google Home, and a Chromecast. I have a Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV, but I have never tried controlling them with my voice. To be honest, I hardly ever use them anyway. While I no longer use Plex, I do use Emby. I think if I upgraded to a paid membership, I’d be able to use my voice to select my shows to watch, but I just use my phone to control whatever my voice can’t.
A remote isn’t necessary if you can get the Hub working. I just use the Hub app on my phone.

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