Using HomeKit/Siri and Amazon Alexa in same smart home

I am working on adding Smart Home technology to my apartment so that we can control things like the lights, fans and air conditioning (etc…)

Here is the concern our apartment has hubs for both Siri/Home Kit (Apple TV) and Alexa in it. I personally prefer HomeKit for apple’s privacy while others in the apartment like Alexa for its integration with their echo.

So each room either has a HomePod or Echo device.

I have bought VOCOlinc smart bars, VOCOlinc power strips and iDevices Switches to control our stuff… all of them are both HomeKit and Alexa compatible.

Is it possible to have a device setup on both platforms at the same time so that we can use our iPhones when out of the apartment; HomeKit automations for time based actions and what ever smart speaker (echo or HomePod) that is in a room to turn on or off the devices.

If so how? Are there any issues to be aware of?

Thanks for your assistance and guidance.

Wonder if @mikahsargent has any thoughts on the matter as a smart home guru.