How to easily move my old windows media center songs to itunes

I have lots or music stuck in my windows media files. How to transfer them to iTunes.

Not sure what you mean by “stuck in my windows media files”.
I guess you either don’t have them in the standard music folder (iTunes should have picked this location by default), or you literally mean you used WMA format.

iTunes can play and convert WMA files.
You point iTunes at the folder where you keep them.
It will likely recode them into m4a so you will have a new duplicate set.

…or you could simply opt for a better media player with more capability, especially as iTunes life is near an end.

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The simple answer to your query is that in iTunes, click on Edit, and select “Add to Library”. You will get a drop down file browser. Select the folder that contains the music files from your old media library. Then find something else to do for a while. And don’t be surprised if you come back and there is a message that some file in your old library is not compatible, and iTunes stopped adding at that time.

The more complicated detailed answer requires more info on your part. What OS and app are you using for old media, and what version of iTunes on what OS. Apple had a habit of changing iTunes when they put out a new MacOS. And iTunes on Windows is different than iTunes on Mac.