Apple Music on my PC

I downloaded Apple Music after launching iTunes, and iTunes sent a message saying to do this

I was able to copy all my music to Apple Music from iTunes but now I can’t figure out where Apple Music is stored on my PC

I do have cloud music because I have a temporary Apple Music subscription that’s due to expire on 2/28. I’m thinking that the music is stored in the cloud, but what will happen when my subscription ends

There is a location in the settings, but I looked there, and the music is not there.

You did not mention which OS? I presume Windows, but that’s just a guess and the help you want to receive is preconditioned on knowing the OS (and probably the version for good measure.)

Hi and welcome!

Does Apple Music on the PC still have a similar view of your songs that iTunes used to have? One of the columns was a cloud which indicated if the song was locally stored or in the cloud.

On iTunes, you could then download them individually by clicking the cloud, or selecting as many as you wanted, right-click, download. I’d do a few individually first to check that it’s working as you expect.

Yes sorry. Windows 11

There are pictures of the albums, but no cloud indicator.

Just had a look at the screenshots in the MS Store. Can’t you switch to this display under library?

Edit. Just installed Apple Music and imported an album, Windows 11. Looks like it does work the same as iTunes used to. There’s a Cloud and Cloud Status column you can enable when you switch to song view.

Mine looks different. I am on windows 11 using the app from the app store

It doesn’t show the cloud columns by default.

If you right-click on the headers, you get a long list of possible items, and Cloud/Cloud Status are there. You can also remove ones you never use.

Is this a local library of music you owned before your Apple Music subscription i.e. ripped CDs or downloaded songs that you used iTunes to play and share between devices using Match/iCloud sync?

Thanks I see that now.

I would still like to know where on my hard drive the music files stored.

I looked in the location set in the setting but many songs are missing.

I’ve uninstalled it now, but it looks like Apple has just moved the iTunes functionality into the Music app. Does it still have the ‘consolidate my library’ and ‘when I add, copy my files to my library’ options in settings? If you enable these, it will move everything into your library location.

Also you could pick a few songs and check - the location of the music file used to be in the properties if you right-click on a song.

I think the music is in the cloud. After experimenting I would have to download each album one at a time then it would be placed in the Apple Music library set in settings

What a pain

Windows 11
iTunes , only has podcasts and audio books
I have Apple Music subscription until 2/28

What works for me is…

  • Change to ‘songs’ view
  • Select a song
  • Press CTRL-A so that all songs in your library are selected
  • Right-click on the selected songs and pick download

Your whole library is then downloaded to the music library location in settings. Best to do this overnight if it’s a large library as it will take a while.

Thanks for your help

The music app on windows says the songs are already downloaded (where I don’t know)

I think I will wait until my Apple Music subscription is over and see what happens

I can always delete the music app and start over

I have the ripped cds backed up in my iTunes library

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If you need a good Windows tool to locate files by filename, you can head over to void tools to get Everything.

YMMV, but in my experience, Apple will still host your music library and it will continue to work as before.

I used to use iTunes, was subscribed to Match and had Cloud music turned on so I could stream my library (ripped CDs) to any authorised device or download songs. I now have no subscriptions with Apple. Music, Match or iCloud, but my 50GB music library hosted by Apple still works as before.

Good you have a local backup though.