FOP 0: Welcome to Focus On Photography

Beep boop - this is a robot. A new show has been posted to TWiT…

What are your thoughts about today’s show? We’d love to hear from you!


I only see Audio to subscribe. Will Video be available?

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When it hits 30K subscribers would be my guess.

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Love your choice of theme music @ant_pruitt.
Looking forward to the show.


Sounds good!

I’ve been seeing more and more about smartphones being used for astrophotography. I guess with things like night mode improvements it’s becoming more viable to get good night sky shots with just a mobile and potentially some binocoulars and an adapter. Wonder if you could get someone to talk about that?


Eventually we will discuss tips on HOP regarding this

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Thank you on both fronts :smiley:

Thanks for the support everyone. This will be a different format from HOP. Tune in. I think you’ll dig it :grin:

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I’m jealous. Here in NYC there is way too much light pollution for me to even consider getting into astrophotography.

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Even here in the Napa and Bay area we gotta travel a bit to get away from the light pollution. It’s definitely gonna take an effort on my part