TWIG 590: The Enlarged Bicep of Reason

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Of the three themes, I kinda liked the blob opera the best. I think most of the reaction is just that we’re used to it and it’s been so long that it’s part of the TWiG brand.

  • Flutes
  • Drums
  • Blobs

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Definitely blobs. So Googley!

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To Ant and Leo:
Regarding the iphone/ google pixel phone on the subject of exposure. I had the Google Pixel 4xl and now I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Yes, you can change the exposure, sort of. At least it is enough to turn an over exposed photo to a less exposed photo. On the Pixel there is a little arrow in the center top of the camera app and swiping on it pulls up a slider that lets you adjust the exposure. On a cell phone the Aperture is fixed so basically all one is doing is adjusting the Shutter speed. The iPhone built in app has a lille more controls such as contrast adjustment, etc. But keep in mind, I have not found a way to disable auto exposure in the apple and goole camera apps. So, what I have to do is TAP on the screen to set the focus and initial auto exposure. Then don’t move the camera phone otherwise the apps will auto adjust again. For the iPhone I tap on the screen where I want to set the auto exposure and then slide my finger up and down. You will see the slider adjusting. I find the iPhone underexposes shot some of the time and the Pixel overexposes shots most of the time. For night shots. I have taken many, many, sunset photos. And I get pretty close to correct exposure. One final thought. I have tried the HDR and the HDR+ modes on the pixel I can’t see any difference. I just leave one of the HDR modes on all the time.

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THX for the message. Yeah I discussed the exposure setting on the 12/10/2020 episode (below). I use that regularly, but my problem still lies with the computational HDR trying to increase the shadows in a photo before I even decide if I want them lifted. Anyway, THANKS for the message :fist_right:t5:

Jeff really can’t bear it, when someone criticises big tech, or especially Facebook.

What @Leo was trying to say, but Jeff wouldn’t let him finish, was quite legitimate and there are many serious problems with Facebook that need addressing.

Talk about Moral Panic, that is exactly what Jeff did. He took the jump from criticising Facebook to that meaning that that must mean Article 230 is the culprit that @Leo had in mind. The two have absolutely nothing to do with each other!

You can criticise Facebook without even going anywhere near Article 230.

Sometimes Jeff needs to count to 10, then actually listen to what is being said, before exploding.


I agree Jeff was way out of line this week. I felt like I was watching a cable news show with guest yelling over each other. I agree with Leo Facebook has major issues. I don’t know what the answer is. We had protesters and counter protesters from out of town in our town a few months back because someone in our small town was planning a pot luck dinner for the local police on Facebook. Facebook seems to bring out the worst in some people.


The fix for Facebook and for Twitter is to not allow re-posting others posts; use your own thoughts and ides.Also do not put the posts of people I do not follow into my feed.


Facebook will never do these things but this is how I would “fix” Facebook:

  • No more content publishers on Facebook-- no more news, no more brands, no companies or organizations-- just people.
  • No more re-sharing posts. Write your own post or share your own photo.

;just to correct one comment I made. In badjusting exposure I forgot about ISO. I am thinking that both the Pixel and the iPhone is adjusting both of these settings with the one exposure slider. I find the default camera apps for vboth of these phones work more like slider in an IOS Editing app. There are other app like Filmic Pro and Manual Camera that make their interface look more like using a DSLR. I find that is a little harder to use the controls via the touch screen interface. basically the interface for these 3rd party app are just to cluttered for an easy interface to get to controls quickly. I keep going back to ther iPhone default app. IE: In the apple camera app just swiping left and right in the photo mode you either can take a short video, by swiping left to right. You can take a photo while taking a video. ;Swipe right to left and you are in muti shot fast shooting mode. I love this interface much better that on the Pixel 4XL. One would think this is very confusing and hard to use; NO SO.

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Brilliant @ChrisKez - that’s a Facebook I might even use.

Your solution does not address privacy concerns but that’s a separate convo.